CryptoCliq Gold

A new dimension of encrypted multi-unicast communication without the need of SSL, PKI, servers, Internet companies or other third party involvement.

Absolute control over your private information. All CryptoCliq Gold data (ids,keys,passwords), messages and files are encrypted at all times (either in transit over networks or at rest locally). 

Ability to create your unique personal encryption system that is beyond military and security agencies decryption capabilities. Cryptocliq Gold rules out the suspicion of hacking or communication content disclosure. Your information is simply non-interceptable.

CryptoCliq Gold doesn't have a system core. Once in cyberspace, it cannot be shut down.


* Mobile-to-mobile encrypted data (message, file) communication
* Local device (message,file) encryption

Communication channels (at your convenience)

* SMS - encrypted message sent via Messaging service
* Internet - encrypted message sent via Internet Messaging applications. 
* Internet - encrypted file sent via Gmail

For simplicity, sending encrypted messages and files via Gmail is programmatic (Auto-Login, Send). If you want to use this feature you may need to provide Gmail credentials (for your eyes only). However, you can send encrypted files manually.

CriptoCliq Gold does not change the default device SMS  application. It only intercepts clique messages.


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