An interface providing an unparalleled level of cryptographic security. 

1WayFx Cryptosystem - A novel cryptographic system beyond worldwide military and security agencies cryptanalysis capabilities.

* The underlying encryption does not use or relates to any known encryption systems. Fundamentals of the encryption model could be found at arXiv ( ), enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the cryptosystem
* Based on user credentials (Id, Key) a dynamically unique cryptosystem is configured. The new cryptosystem is part of a virtually infinite family of cryptosystems  and gives no information regarding its underlying algebraic structure and key space
* For any Key length, the brute force is impossible on sequential machines
* To brute force a slight Key length <= 13 there are necessary 2^92 parallel machines (which is approximately the number of atoms in the human body). The same number of parallel machines is not sufficient to brute force a Key length > 13.













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